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The Order of Terror:
The Concentration Camp
Wolfgang Sofsky
Translated from the German by William Templer

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"In his important study of the hierarchy of the concentration camp, Wolfgang Sofsky shows how power in the camps was based on seniority, politics, and race."--The New York Review of Books

"A cool and systematic exposition of many important features of the camp experience.... The great strengths of his book are its analytical rigour and elegant structure, and the skillful use of both original sources and survivor testimonies."--Michael Burleigh, The Times Literary Supplement

"What Sofsky tells us about human behavior in extreme situations is profoundly disturbing, and his book should be read by anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding not only of Nazi terror, but also of the dark potential of modern society."--Omer Bartov, The New Republic

"This is an extraordinary and brilliantly written book.... Brilliant sociology that testifies to the endurance of the human spirit."--Sociology (UK)

"What [Sofsky] has achieved will take your breath away.... He has written a book that will fundamentally enrich our knowledge of human nature, the organization of power, and the execution of terror."--Der Spiegel


"Wolfgang Sofsky dares the near impossible: he gives us a rational description of the concentration camp without losing sight of the human suffering, which the use of terror brought with it. . . . Sofsky exposes the potential of immorality that modern times carries within itself, and how the ordinary can transform itself into terror."--Ralf Dahrendorf

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File created: 4/21/2017

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