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Art and Representation:
New Principles in the Analysis of Pictures
John Willats

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"John Willats presents a new approach to the methods artists use to depict the world. . . . All art historians and critics as well as psychologists interested in drawing or painting will need to become familiar with Willats's approach. Art and Representation will create a considerable stir and will change the way both critics and the public think about art."--Stuart Sutherland, Professor Emeritus, Sussex University

"We have for too long known elaborate attempts to 'explain' pictures of things rooted in the thinnest conceptions of how to 'describe' pictures. In Art and Representation, Willats not only recognizes the problem but also accomplishes much of the job of solving it, based on his rare combination of abilities as an artist, engineer, and leading researcher in the cognitive psychology of children's art. Through revealing discussions of a diversity of well-illustrated graphic forms, from Greek vase painting and Byzantine icons to cubism and photography, from children's drawings to technical design drawings, Willats provides a systematic, clear, and nontechnical language that would greatly benefit anyone writing about pictures."--Patrick Maynard, University of Western Ontario

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File created: 4/17/2014

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