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Baseball on the Border:
A Tale of Two Laredos
Alan M. Klein

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"Few studies of this nature exist. Klein's general argument about tri-nationalism and sports is interesting, and he has also provided enough historical context and in-depth material on social relationships to make a solid addition to studies of the border and Southwestern race relations, as well."--Douglas E. Foley, University of Texas at Austin

"This stimulating and insightful book enlarges our understanding of nationalism and identity in a borderlands context. Klein skillfully uses baseball and ethnography to get at the dynamics of international relations as well as the harmonious and conflictive interaction among Mexicans, Anglo Americans, and Mexican Americans. A must read for scholars and aficionados of the workings of border society."--Joseph Arbena, Clemson University

"With Klein's Baseball on the Border we are treated to a glimpse of what an astute observer of social life, popular culture, and sport can teach us about larger cultural issues. With a sensitive eye for detail, a nuanced understanding of culture, and conceptual acumen, Klein provides a fascinating account of baseball as a transnational phenomenon. Not only do we learn about how baseball is played within the context of these diverging cultures, but we also learn about the structural dimensions of nationalism and how this gets borne out through sport."--Patricia A. Adler, University of Colorado, and Peter Adler, University of Denver

"Read this book, enjoy the characterizations of the players, managers, and administrators ... listen to the crowd cheer for their home town heroes, and pause to think, as Klein paints the picture with a masters stroke, of what this [book] can tell us about transnational relations and the impact of sport."--Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler, authors of Backboards and Blackboards

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File created: 4/17/2014

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