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The Founding Myths of Israel:
Nationalism, Socialism, and the Making of the Jewish State
Zeev Sternhell
Translated by David Maisel

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Chapter 1


"[T]his is one of the most provocative of the recent rash of `post-Zionist' studies that debunk earlier works on Israel's founding fathers and mothers."--Kirkus Reviews

"This book will undoubtedly create discussion and debate for some time. An excellent companion to Simha Flapan's The Birth of Israel (LJ 8/87) and worthy reading for anyone interested in comparative political development."--Library Journal

"[Sternhell's] work has an analytical intensity, a solidity and erudition generally lacking among the so-called `new [post-Zionist] historians.' Not for Sternhell the ethical relativism of the postmodernists. His values are clearly those of the old Left.... This is the yardstick from which he judges the Israeli labour movement, and he finds it deeply flawed."--Robert S. Wistrich, The Times Literary Supplement

"Sternhell's conclusions on Israel's expansionism after 1967 are important and powerful.... The demythologizing work of Sternhell and his fellow `new historians' is, finally, profoundly constructive--as they clearly intended it to be."--Jerome Slater, Political Science Quarterly

"Sternhell definitely mastered the relevant history. His view is impressively informative, and this meticulous book is packed with information, anecdotes, insights, and quotations. . . . Knowledgeable students of Israel, interested in its political and ideological history, will find Sternhell's book both highly useful and indispensable."--Nachman Ben-Yehuda, American Journal of Sociology

"[A] fiercely polemical--but assiduously researched--demolition job on . . . comfortable myths. . . . The central myth Sternhell attacks is that of the socialist, liberal and democratic values of Israel's pioneers."--Stephen Howe, The Independent


"Sternhell's objective is to take a complete inventory of [two forces shaping Israeli identity]: nationalism and socialism. This wide-ranging ambition, borne of a historian's true inspiration, rests on impressive documentation."--François Furet, Le Nouvel Observateur

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File created: 4/21/2017

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