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Between Class and Market:
Postwar Unionization in the Capitalist Democracies
Bruce Western

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"Between Class and Market will be the notable--and for some, definitive--work on its immediate topic: comparative union growth and decline among the continuously democratic post-War affluent capitalist democracies. Bruce Western's analyses of union growth and decline simply are the best in existence. He tells an important and accessible forty-year story of unusual cogency for an analysis of such quantitative-empirical sophistication and rigor."--Alexander M. Hicks, Emory University

"Between Class and Market is a stunning achievement. It is a major piece of social science that weaves into whole cloth accounts from a wide variety of disciplines and methodologies. . . . The result is a sophisticated and compelling analysis that is a must read for students of labor movements and for all scholars committed to developing comparative research methods."--Margaret Levi, University of Washington

"Bruce Western has produced an analysis of union growth and decline that is a tour de force, methodologically as well as substantively. . . . This is a "must read" for all social scientists seriously interested in labor unions and the operation of labor markets generally."--Henry Farber, Princeton University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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