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The Amber Forest:
A Reconstruction of a Vanished World
George Poinar Jr., & Roberta Poinar

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Chapter 1


"The Poinars create for the reader a strangely realistic sense of what it is like to be one millimeter long and living in a forest of litter. . . . This is classic natural history writing. . . with wonderful illustrations, including a section of color plates."--Choice

"The Amber Forest reconstructs [a] 20 million-year-old ecosystem. . . . With more than 200 photographs (most of them in colour) the authors walk the reader through this ancient rainforest."--S. Blair Hedges, Nature

"The great strength of The Amber Forest lies in revealing and explaining the intimate moments in the lives of long-vanished tiny creatures. . . . The reader is constantly drawn to the tiny, the enigmatic, and the unexplained in these rich pages. . . . Even a reader barely interested in the wonder of lost worlds can hardly fail to be moved by such images."--Tim Flannery, The New York Review of Books

"The Poinars are world leaders in the study of amber; their expertise and enthusiasm for amber are evident throughout the book. While very detailed, it is well written and a pleasure to read. The language is clear and scientific concepts are thoroughly explained so that all audiences can enjoy the book."--Sara Lubkin, American Paleontologist

"With more than 200 photographs . . . the authors walk the reader through this ancient rainforest, describing a multitude of ecological interactions."--S. Blair Hedges, Nature

"The Amber Forest is a fine example of how growing numbers of professionals are making detailed scientific subjects interesting and understandable to lay readers. [It] reads like a novel and brings paleoentomolgy to life."--Steve Voynick, Rock & Gem

"The Amber Forest is a stunning book that should appeal to anyone with an interest in entomology, paleobiology, or the ecology of past and present tropical forests."--Science Books and Films


"The authors demonstrate great knowledge of many fascinating biological and socioeconomic aspects of amber. They write well and convey their enthusiasm for the subject with skill. The book is engaging and educational."--Peter Grant, Princeton University, author of Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches

"The book provides a clearly written summary of the biota of the Dominican Amber deposits, with a focus upon the insects."--Bruce H. Tiffney, University of California, Santa Barbara

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File created: 4/21/2017

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