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Is America Breaking Apart?
John A. Hall & Charles Lindholm
With a new preface by the authors

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Mr. Hall's and Mr. Lindholm's overall intention is to show how the United States has held together since the Founding, why it shows every promise of continuing to do so, and what are the positive and negative aspects of that history and present state of affairs. . . . [A] short, stimulating book."--Colin Walters, Washington Times


"A book of this kind has been begging to be written, and Hall and Lindholm are the perfect pair to do it. They have a strong sense of history and of theory, and they write well, making compelling arguments in a civil way."--Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University

"A major contribution to the debate over the nature of American society today."--Robert N. Bellah, University of California, Berkeley

"In this provocative book, the authors hold a mirror up to the nation and find . . . a country that is politically stable, resilient in the face of conflict, and able to live with the anxiety pluralism produces. A stimulating, thoughtful, and well-reasoned argument on the state of the nation."--Katherine Newman, Harvard University

"Ever since Tocqueville, America has posed a standing paradox: a country of vast diversity that survives only because of its deeper unanimity. Hall and Lindholm successfully explain why the country continues to cohere despite all the clamor over multiculturalism and a politics of difference."--John Patrick Diggins, City University of New York

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File created: 4/21/2017

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