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Nurses in Nazi Germany:
Moral Choice in History
Bronwyn Rebekah McFarland-Icke

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"The descent into mass murder, for ordinary Germans like psychiatric nurses, was for the most part a matter of choices avoided. How the moral senses could be and were blunted by institutions and ideologies on the one hand and by personal subterfuges on the other--this is the subject of McFarland-Icke's careful and painstaking historical recounting and analysis. This is a quiet and watchful book, devoid of the sensationalism that so easily adheres to the subject of mass murder. But for that reason it has a powerful and lasting effect that extends beyond the historic subject matter."--Michael Geyer, University of Chicago

"Thoughtful, sensitive, and revealing, this book brings something new to the discussion of the perpetrators in the Nazi era, particularly those associated with the medical profession. This is history 'from the bottom up' of the very best kind."--Robert Gellately, Strassler Professor in Holocaust History, Clark University

"Nurses in Nazi Germany is bold, meticulously researched, and insightfully argued. Its topic is an important and relatively neglected one. Attracting general readers and scholars alike, the book should have a very long shelf life--not simply as the definitive history of Nazi nursing but as a major contribution to bioethics literature and ethics more broadly."--Robert N. Proctor, Professor of the History of Science, Pennsylvania State University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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