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Fits, Trances, and Visions:
Experiencing Religion and Explaining Experience from Wesley to James
Ann Taves

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Chapter 1


"This is an excellent book. Its method is historical and its self-set purpose concerns the interplay between experiencing religion and explaining the experience. The book deserves careful reading."--Douglas J. Davies, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

"One of the most important contributions not only to the study of American religious history, but more broadly to the study of religion, which has appeared in recent years. . . . [It] should be of great interest to students of religious phenomena no matter what their particular field of study."--Peter W. Williams, Catholic Historical Review


"The breadth of the book is truly remarkable, both across time and across perspectives. To move coherently from debates over the phenomena of the colonial Great Awakening to debates over both modern psychology of religion and early Pentecostalism, while at the same time moving back and forth between adepts and explainers of religious experiences is a real accomplishment."--Mark A. Noll, Wheaton College

"Taves offers both a history of American Protestant piety and a history of American psychology (in popular as much as academic modes). She creatively balances narratives of dramatic religious experience with varied naturalistic explanations that have been advanced since the Enlightenment. This is a grand enterprise--one of impressive breadth and seasoned scholarship."--Leigh Schmidt, Princeton University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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