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Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit:
The Emergence of Capitalism in China
Doug Guthrie

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"How have Chinese enterprises responded to the opening of the economy? Doug Guthrie surveyed Chinese managers, finding that many copied Western techniques, in labor markets, product markets, and inter-firm relations. Yet new practices retain the stamp of Chinese tradition. Guthrie uses the case of China to brilliant advantage to show that business practices are shaped by sociological as much as by economic imperatives."--Frank Dobbin, Princeton University

"Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit brings state-of-the-art institutional analysis together with a brilliant empirical study of the real world of economic reforms in China. Combining fieldwork, interviews, and unique quantitative data sources, Guthrie offers the clearest account available of how China's reforms translate into concrete organizational practices. His study is among the best at illuminating how markets and firms work in transitional economies."--Craig Calhoun, New York University

"Guthrie offers a sustained and intelligent treatment of an important topic using new data. The book will be of interest to China specialists (in sociology, political science, and anthropology) and to people who study comparative political economy. Guthrie also goes outside his specialization and draws connections with the literature on organizations and with economic sociology."--Bruce Carruthers, Northwestern University

"Guthrie brings new insights and fresh perspectives to the study of organizational change in China during the process of economic reform. The book is exceptionally well written and moves easily between organizational theory and 'big questions,' on the one hand, and the particularities of Chinese experience on the other."--Barry Naughton, University of California, San Diego

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File created: 4/17/2014

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