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Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Edited by Richard J. A. Talbert

Book Description


"[An] essential tool for anyone interested in classical antiquity. . . . It provides, for the first time in recent history, a single bound volume that maps the entire classical world. . . . . Superbly edited."--Library Journal ("Best Reference Sources, 2000")

"[A] wonderful guide to the wordless lessons of antiquity. Everyone who studies Greece and Rome owes [the makers of the Barrington Atlas] a personal debt."--Peter Stothard, editor of the Times Literary Supplement, naming the Barrington Atlas "My Book of the Decade" in the Globe and Mail (2009)

"[A] remarkable achievement. . . . This unique resource is the most comprehensive atlas published on ancient Greece and Rome."--Booklist

"[A] vast achievement. . . . Richard Talbert can be proud of his editorship: the collective effort, academic and technical, that has gone into the realisation of this gigantic project . . . almost defies the imagination. It is even more impressive in that his teams had to work virtually from scratch. Their chief goal was to fill a notorious gap, and they have done so with exemplary skill."--Peter Green, London Review of Books

"The Barrington Atlas is a major contribution to scholarship, extensive in scale, reliable and up to date, and so laid out as to be really helpful to the user."--Jasper Griffin, New York Review of Books

"[N]o decent academic or public library should be without this marvelous work. . . . [A] magnificent achievement."--Guy Halsall, New Scientist

"[A] definitive work."--Peter Jones, BBC History

"This atlas will be indispensable to scholars in classical studies. My only caution is that, at eight pounds, a sturdy coffee table is required for its use."--Judith A. Tyner, Geographical Review


"Quite simply the most important and most complicated project to be undertaken in classical studies this generation."--NEH reviewer

"This atlas provides us with a vital missing tool. It is a model of creative planning, and will be absolutely indispensable."--C. Nicolet (Sorbonne, Paris)

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File created: 2/4/2015

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