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The Making of the Magdalen:
Preaching and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages
Katherine Ludwig Jansen

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"Jansen's careful scholarship, detailed footnotes, and useful bibliography make the book a 'must have' for anyone interested in Magdalenian studies. The 'Royal Response' chapter alone makes the book a 'must have' for anyone interested in the intersection of politics, religion, and the multifaceted relations arising from their heady mix."--Whitney Leeson, Sixteenth Century Journal

"A tremendous, ambitious, and worthy work of erudition and scholarship."--Linda E. Mitchell, The Historian

"This is an important book that deserves to be widely known."--Constant J. Mews, Journal of Religious History

"Jansen offers us a well-written book that brilliantly explores one of the most important saintly cults of the medieval era."--Bernard Schlager, The Historian


"An exciting and well-written work based on outstanding research. Katherine Jansen neatly lays out how the late medieval Magdalen was 'created,' partly by errors and misunderstandings, partly as conscious creation for both spiritual and political needs. There are moments in this book that are as much fun as a good mystery story."--Penelope D. Johnson, New York University

"Katherine Jansen's major study emerges as a real masterpiece. With subtlety and clarity she untangles the thread of multiple images of the saint, sometimes contradictory or paradoxical. She has established an exemplary historical study of undeniable solidity and great suggestive force."--Nicole Beriou, University Lumière Lyon 2 (France)

"A wonderful book: exhaustively researched, masterfully crafted, deftly written, strongly persuasive, and full of keen-sighted aperçus."--Robert E. Lerner, Northwestern University

"Spirituality, iconography, saints, cults, religious women, and Mary Magdalen herself, all marginal to historical discourse until recently, are skillfully woven together in this book of central importance for understanding later medieval religion and society."--Lester K. Little, American Academy in Rome

"Thoroughly grounded in the intricacies and history of medieval Magdalen legends, Jansen's superb research of previously unexplored sources highlights new evidence that medieval preachers were convinced that Mary Magdalen indeed preached. This fascinating book casts new light on how Mary Magdalen was represented in sermons, art, and the minds of late medieval Christians. Captivating and essential reading for scholars of medieval religion and history, this clearly written book will appeal to all those interested in Mary Magdalen."--Beverly Kienzle, Harvard Divinity School

"This original and beautifully written book traces change in the image of and devotion to Mary Magdalen from the High Middle Ages to the cusp of modernity. This is a book for historians and history buffs, feminists and all who are interested in Christian popular devotion."--E. Ann Matter, University of Pennsylvania

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File created: 4/21/2017

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