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Outsiders Together:
Virginia and Leonard Woolf
Natania Rosenfeld

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"Natania Rosenfeld has written an extraordinarily full, witty, politically responsible, and flexible account of the lives and writings of two people, emphasizing not only their separateness but also their extended dialogue with one another. In a sense, this is a 'double' critical biography that is inflected with psychology and history. The book is also valuable for its range of reference, concentrating on Virginia Woolf's most famous books and supplementing the analysis with passages from diaries, letters, autobiographies, reviews, essays, lectures, and short stories. Ultimately, this contribution constitutes a compelling reassessment of Woolf's relation to her society."--Vicki Mahaffey, University of Pennsylvania

"Outsiders Together is the most comprehensive work to date-and the fairest, most informed-on the interconnections between husband and wife, fiction and ideologies. It is long overdue. Not only is the book a timely corrective to prejudicial and reductionist readings of the Woolfs' subtly and mutually fulfilling relationship, but it is also a recuperation of Leonard's contributions to political thought and modern literature, and of Virginia's own evolution as a cultural subversive. What is particularly admirable about this book is its massive network of interconnecting historical facts, modern and postmodern theory, and clever, keen literary insights."--Thomas C. Caramagno, University of Nebraska

"Outsiders Together is the most comprehensive work to date--and the fairest, most informed--on the interconnections between husband and wife, fiction and ideologies. It is long overdue."--Thomas C. Caramagno, University of Nebraska

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File created: 4/17/2014

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