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A Tribble's Guide to Space:
How to Get to Space and What to Do When You are There
Alan C. Tribble

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Chapter 1


"I share the author's admiration for astronauts who are propelled into space to perform simple tasks under exotic and perilous conditions and for the engineers who make such excursions possible. Alan Tribble, with his easy-going, attractive conversational prose, imparts a lot of good physics at a common sense level, enhanced by references to everyday experience. He has produced a valuable guide to space for a wide readership."--James A. Van Allen

"The significance of Apollo was not the rocks that were brought back, but the involvement of masses of people, the impact it made on their lives, and the vision it provided them for the future. Alan Tribble has captured the spirit that inspires us to explore and articulated the challenges that we will face as we continue to investigate the uses of space in the future. Anyone who remembers Apollo, or who dreams of going to the Moon and beyond, will enjoy this book."--Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11

"Alan Tribble's "Guide to Space" is a superb introduction to the complex world of trajectories, spacecraft systems, and the space environment. It would have provided an invaluable background for the rookie flight controllers at Mercury Control as we prepared for our first launch."--Eugene Kranz, Flight Director, Gemini-Apollo-Skylab

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File created: 4/17/2014

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