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Music of a Distant Drum:
Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems
Translated and introduced by Bernard Lewis

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"This price-worthy book can be recommended to a very wide variety of readers, lay and academic, interested in poetry and poetics or in the periods, places, and overlapped cultures represented here."--Victor Castellani, European Legacy


"Professor Lewis's earlier translation of Solomon Ibn Gabirol's long philosophical-meditative poem, The Kingly Crown, is masterful and a classic. Given that effort, Lewis's historically minded sensibility, the exceptional literary value of his selection, and the clarity and accuracy of his translations here, Music of a Distant Drum will meet with a waiting and approving audience. There is no comparable volume offering us the opportunity to read and examine side by side poems from these related but distinct literary traditions. This may well be the first and last collection of Middle Eastern lyric poems translated by a single scholar with such a sweeping command of all of the languages and literatures represented."--Ross Brann, Cornell University

"A fine anthology with moments of real beauty. Unlike almost any scholar I can think of, Lewis not only has the linguistic diversity to undertake translations from four different languages, but he has the ability to produce translations with a literary quality that rises to a level one can call poetic."--Carter Findley, Ohio State University

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File created: 11/1/2016

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