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On War and Leadership:
The Words of Combat Commanders from Frederick the Great to Norman Schwarzkopf
Owen Connelly

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"The man makes the book. The man is Owen Connelly, a serious student of war and an experienced soldier-leader. His book On War and Leadership will serve for many years as a valuable reference for scholars and a vital source of inspiration and instruction for practitioners. It is a real gem."--Harold R. Winton, School of Advanced Airpower Studies, Maxwell Air Force Base

"Owen Connelly, who combines front-line military experience with a long and distinguished academic career as a scholar of the Napoleonic Wars, is well qualified to edit an anthology on this surprisingly neglected subject. Having this material in one place is itself a significant contribution to scholarship."--Dennis Showalter, author of History in Dispute and The Wars of Frederick the Great

"Owen Connelly is a thoughtful and interesting scholar. Here he offers the reflections of combat leaders, allowing executives to compare their management and leadership ideas with those of military masters. It can be recommended to a popular audience."--Jeremy Black, author of War and the Worlds and Why Wars Happen

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File created: 4/17/2014

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