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The Devil in Silicon Valley:
Northern California, Race, and Mexican Americans
Stephen J. Pitti

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"Set in a valley of immense wealth and extensive poverty, Stephen Pitti's expansive history of Latinos in the San Jose region stretches across a vast period of history, highlighting both the enormous contribution of Mexican-origin people to the area's economy, culture, and political development and the 'devil of discrimination' that has shaped growth in the Silicon Valley from the beginning. A masterful accomplishment!"--George Sanchez, University of Southern California.

"Vestiges of the Devil in the form of historical racist ideologies and social inequalities from California's Spanish, Mexican, and American periods stubbornly persist in today's Silicon Valley. Stephen Pitti presents the seldom-told and hard-to-find causes of this dark and sometimes violent and discriminatory side of Silicon Valley's history, describing its continuing detrimental effects on its old and still emerging Latino population, which has been left behind again in the latest wave of economic success."--Fernando R. Zazueta, Founding Chairman of the Board, Mexican Heritage Corporation of San Jose

"The Devil in Silicon Valley is a beautiful piece of work--sweeping narrative, compelling argumentation, and crisp writing throughout. Pitti demonstrates how San José is simultaneously central and peripheral to the main currents of Chicano/mexicano history. He helps readers make sense of why Mexicans were racialized in specific ways at specific times. And he adds new insight into the variety of ways ethnic Mexicans identify themselves and organize. This is an outstanding book."--David Gutierrez, author of Between Two Worlds

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File created: 4/17/2014

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