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Pursuing the Dream, Living the Reality
Suzanne Keller

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"Suzanne Keller's thoughtful insights and analysis are especially valuable in these rapidly changing times of both great promise and great danger, as we strive to improve our own communities and develop a genuine world community at peace and with opportunity for all. This fascinating and well-written book is a timely contribution to our understanding of what it takes to create a successful community, and it deserves to be widely read."--Senator Edward M. Kennedy

"Suzanne Keller's Community is sociology at its best, in the tradition of Robert K. Merton, Robert S. Lynd, and Herbert Gans. . . . [A] lucid and fascinating study."--Daniel Bell, Henry Ford II Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus, Harvard University

"Keller's book is masterful. It surveys the main arguments that have been advanced about the relationships between modernity and community and with sparse, easily absorbed prose sets forth an understanding of what community is and what it is not."--Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University, author of Poor Richard's Principle

"Community continues to be a central concept in sociology and every decade one or two noteworthy books come along that address it. This is such a book. Suzanne Keller nicely combines classical theory, a unique long-term case study, and informed reflections."--Albert Hunter, Northwestern University, author of Symbolic Communities

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File created: 4/17/2014

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