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Ecological Stoichiometry:
The Biology of Elements from Molecules to the Biosphere
Robert W. Sterner & James J. Elser
With a foreword by Peter Vitousek

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"Sterner and Elser adopt a simple, incremental logic in the book and follow it with fidelity. . . . The book is an excellent introduction to ecological stoichiometry for graduate students; and for those already in the field, it is a thorough review of the complexities and nuances of stoichiometric ecology by two of its best practitioners."--Robert E. Hecky, Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin

"A fresh and stimulating perspective on this area of ecology. The clear, readable style renders this text highly accessible."--Bulletin of the British Ecological Society

"[This] book is seminal and presents a clear, well-reasoned overview of ES, thereby providing the biological community with an essential piece to the puzzle of integrating micro- and macro-level biology."--Van Savage, Complexity


"Sterner and Elser provide the definitive text on ecological stoichiometry. This is a fundamental advance in unifying ecology across levels of organization."--Simon A. Levin, Princeton University

"Ecological Stoichiometry is a monumental undertaking without ecological precedent. Sterner and Elser offer a majestic and novel synthesis of a broad and diverse field of study that ranges from chemistry to metabolism to global ecology. These two world-class scientists have singlehandedly created a brand-new subdiscipline, one that will likely spawn new research foci, and have done so in a captivating manner. This precedent-setting treatise will be the 'go-to' reference in this poorly consolidated but relevant field of physiological ecology."----David M. Karl, University of Hawaii

"This is a work of enormous synthetic power that practically defines the field of ecological stoichiometry. It is certainly the most significant contribution to the field. Each chapter follows a logical progression, and the style is informal and very readable."--Donald L. DeAngelis, University of Miami

"A truly outstanding book. Sterner and Elser provide extremely convincing evidence in support of their hypothesis that elemental stoichiometry is a key to many central issues in ecology. The writing style is unusually clear and concise. The book is exceptionally well conceived, has eminently valuable goals, and will definitely serve a strong need in the scientific community."--Val H. Smith, University of Kansas

"This very readable, well-organized book will broaden the purview of food-web and trophodynamic studies and have a similar impact as did ecological energetics decades ago. It offers an opportunity to merge the hitherto separate fields of community ecology and biogeochemistry."--Ulrich Sommer, University of Kiel

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File created: 2/4/2015

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