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Birds and Light
Lars Jonsson

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"Lars Jonsson came to the North American natural history art world like a bolt of lightning . . . a very refreshing bolt. Most nature art in North America was detailed but stilted. The open, loose quality of Lars Jonsson's art has both the flair of a talented hand and the verisimilitude of an observant eye. I once heard a masterpiece described thus: 'When you see it, you feel that you are seeing it for the first time and it looks as if it is done with no effort.' Much wildlife art is exactly the opposite, but Lars Jonsson's work gives us fresh, new glimpses into the natural world and conveys a sense of reality with seemingly effortless grace. He has helped to open people's eyes, and that is what true art should do."--Robert Bateman

"Lars Jonsson is one of the great wildlife painters of our time, as well as a thoughtful and articulate writer. This autobiographical book will allow the reader to observe the progress of paintings as they evolve in the studio and the field--a look at this wonderful artist at work. Jonsson's powers of observation are legendary in the birding world, so this is a real treat. Birds and Light will appeal to birders but also to a fine arts audience and those readers who covet any beautifully produced book."--Jonathan Alderfer

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File created: 4/21/2017

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