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The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East:
A Handbook of Field Identification
Dick Forsman

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"If you are a dedicated raptorphile, or have a special interest in European hawks, this is a book you will want to own. It is a detailed guide to the field identification of hawks, well-written and organized. The photographs are clear and sharp details show well; the high quality paper and printing helps to bring this feat off. There is a fine section in the introduction on how to identify hawks in the field."--Bird Watcher's Digest

"[A]n excellent book, recommended to 'birders' traveling to the areas covered as well as libraries, both university and public, where there is ornithological interest."--Choice

"If you take your hawk-watching seriously then this book will add to your enjoyment of a fascinating group of birds."--Charles E. Keller, Indiana Audubon Quarterly

"Apart from the excellent text, this new guide stands out by its 737 color photographs. This is certainly the best ever photographic raptor guide currently available of (one of) the foremost raptologists, which it will probably remain for many years to come."--Oscar van Rootselaar, Alula

"The most comprehensive raptor guide yet to be published. . . . This book is set to become the 'raptor-watchers' bible for a long time to come."--Steve Madge, Birdwatch

"One cannot fail to be impressed by the depth of knowledge contained in this book. The exceptionally high standard of photography and the comprehensiveness of the collection make the approach used in this book a serious rival to that of traditional handbooks which employ the work of artists."--Richard Porter, British Birds

"In all, this is most probably the ultimate guide on raptor identification in the WP for many years to come, written by what is without doubt on of the most expert authors, if not the most expert, in this field at the moment."--Jelle Scharringa, Dutch Birding

"The book should provide the impulse for a new generation of raptor biologists and sophisticated birdwatchers to go into the field and restart in-depth identification studies."--Eugene Potapov, Ibis

"A magnificent identification guide from one of Europe's leading experts. . . . [It is] a joy from cover to cover and deserves an immediate place on your shelves. Raptor lovers will want this book. It's the first comprehensive collection of photographs of European raptors showing all plumages of all species in the field. It sets a new standard in raptor watching and identification."--Bird Watching

"The wait has been well worthwhile. The depth of his research is self evident. This is the book to have, and not to lend to even your closest friend, as it would never be returned to you. Any who might grumble, that it is a rather hefty volume to handle, would do well to remember that only a donkey would complain that his sack of gold weighed too heavy."--The Falconer

"For the birdwatcher this superb new book is not only an invaluable tool in the understanding of the many pitfalls in raptor identification but it also provides a thoroughly captivating portfolio of some of the most stunning birds in the world."--Lancaster Guardian

"This book has to be on the bookshelf of every serious birdwatcher."--Essex Birding

"This guide is highly recommended for those interested in raptor field identification and those working on raptors in Europe and the Middle East. The book has a wonderful and almost complete collection of raptor photographs from Europe and the Middle East and is worth buying just for them alone."--William S. Clark, Raptor Research

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File created: 4/21/2017

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