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The Birds of Israel
Hadoram Shirihai

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"This is quite an astonishing book. . . . Even if you have no intention of visiting Israel, this book is an essential reference for students of Middle Eastern ornithology and those interested in subspecific variations of West Palearctic birds."--Simon Harrap, Birding World

"MAGNIFICENT. This single word sums up The Birds of Israel."--New Scientist

"This sumptuous book could almost have been produced by the Israeli Tourist Board. Everyone I have shown it to so far either wants to return to, or visit Israel as soon as possible. What is more, it is a book to be read, not to gather dust and be referred to only when required. If you have visited or intend to visit the region, are interested in migration studies or birds of the Western Palearctic in general, then I urge you to save up and buy a copy. This is a stunning achievement."--Gordon Hamlett, Bird Watching

"[A] sumptuous and authoritative account of the status and distribution of over 500 species, written by the country's foremost field ornithologist. . . . The photographs are quite superb . . . perfectly complemented by wonderful black-and-white drawings. . . . An essential reference source for bird conservationists."--BTO News

"Every once in a while, a book appears and you say to yourself 'I wish I'd written that,' for me, this is one such book. Here is a model avifauna for others to aspire to. Hadoram Shirihai, the editors (Ehud Dovrat and David A. Christie) and the ten atlas area coordinators all deserve much praise."--Richard Porter, British Birds

"In this monumental and beautifully produced book, Hadoram Shirihai has put together the definitive work on the birds of Israel, the detail supplied on each bird is exhaustive."--Lorraine Kirk, Jewish Chronicle

"This tome is mindboggling in every respect: 2.5 inches thick, 692 pages plus 8 pages of front matter; 100 color plates showing breeding species, common migrants, rarities and habitats; 10,000 summer, winter and migrational distribution maps, averaging three per species, with eight transparent overlays showing environmental and climactic conditions. Although this volume will be of major interest to bird banders and ornithologists, other serious students of bird plumages will find much value in its ID points at the both species and sub-species levels."--Eric Salzman, Winging It

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File created: 4/21/2017

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