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The California Condor:
A Saga of Natural History and Conservation
Noel Snyder & Helen Snyder

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"It is a truly exciting read. . . . This is a very important book. It should be read not only by birds of prey enthusiasts, but by anyone with an interest in conservation and endangered species management."--Ibis

"This book is, as the title claims, a saga. . . . It is a compelling tale: a morality play about mankind's capacity for doing harm, then good, to a fellow creature."--BBC Wildlife

"The authors' vivid descriptions and attention to detail in discussing breeding, nesting, foraging, and behavioral practices of the condor heighten interest and imparts a great deal of knowledge."--Audubon Naturalist News

"The authors tell a compelling and illustrative story of the perils of species endangerment and the obstacles to be overcome before the species could be rereleased into the wild. . . . Though it is accessible to undergraduates, it also presents a wealth of advanced concepts and information that would be useful to any natural resource professional dealing with rare species. This is the definitive summary of the biology and conservation issues related to the California condor, and will likely remain so for many years."--Choice

"This brave book details damaging mistakes as well as successes and describes the whole remarkable programme together with the history of condors and their sad decline."--Birds

"Here is one of the most thorough, well-illustrated, and accessible books on an endangered species ever written. The California condor story is extraordinary. The Snyders tell of this rescue effort with authority, verve, and occasional humor, accounting the controversies, failures, triumphs, and politics as well as the major personalities involved. While there are a dozen other good condor titles, the Snyders' book is the one to have."--Library Journal

"Written in a very readable style . . . this is a recommended book for anyone interested in species conservation, raptors or undertaking fieldwork in remote and extremely difficult countryside!"--BTO News

"Excellent and comprehensive. . . . I recommend this book for anyone with an interest in North American birds, raptors, or endangered species. Buy it; it is excellent value for money."--British Birds

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File created: 4/21/2017

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