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Distant Proximities:
Dynamics beyond Globalization
James N. Rosenau

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"For some years now, James N. Rosenau has been writing imaginatively about the systemic role of empowered individuals on the world stage, utilizing as his organizing principle possible complementarities in opposing tendencies--as in the title of this latest book. But never before has his work seemed so relevant to this morning's headline while probing so deeply into the very foundations of social space/time. And behind it all stands an enduring commitment to open-minded inquiry: 'checkableupableness,' Rosenau calls it. In a discipline consumed by Methodenstreite, here is an important book that at once soars above, and uncovers powerful fields of forces beneath, the standard fare."--John Gerard Ruggie, Harvard University

"Like so much of Rosenau's work, Distant Proximities is enormously thoughtful and insightful. It pushes the way we think about global politics dramatically beyond the traditional or eurocentric model of states in a state system and, though highly abstract, actually deals with issues that matter to most people in today's globalizing world. It is classically Rosenau."--Richard W. Mansbach, Iowa State University, author of Politics, Authority, Identity, and Change

"This book contains all of Rosenau's strengths. It is imaginative--replete with novel insights, concepts, and ideas. It looks to the future rather than to the past. It is based on a very broad literature that goes far beyond normal disciplinary confines. Rosenau always searches for the new and interesting, and for those anomalies that set the mind to look for explanations. He takes his own advice to attempt 'theoretical jailbreaks,' and to dare to tread where others are more timid. The book is very well written, and its author is to be applauded for getting his readers to 'think outside the box.'"--Kal Holsti, University of British Columbia, author of The State, War, and the State of War

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File created: 4/21/2017

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