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Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century:
From Triumph to Despair
Adeed Dawisha

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"This book is a major intellectual advance in the study of comparative political ideologies in general, and Arab political thought in particular."--Bill S. Mikhail, Middle East Policy

"This provocative book is likely either to delight or infuriate. It will certainly delight all those who have, all along, considered Arab nationalism to be an irritant and would gleefully read its obituary set in gloating prose. But the fury of the adherents or sympathizers of Arab nationalism will be all the greater as the author lays out his case in a highly controversial and contentious manner."--Youssef M. Choueiri, Studies in Contemporary Islam

"Adeed Dawisha has given us a timely, illuminating and highly readable overview of the history of the Arab national movement, from its origins in the 19th century to the present. His book combines an analysis of the ideas of Arab nationalism and their roots in European thought, with a fast-moving political narrative, full of dramatic ups an downs. . . . [He] brings to his task a rare personal insight, as well as mastery of the voluminous Arabic sources on the subject. There is a great deal of new material here which not only brings events alive, but also leads to fresh assessments and a better-informed understanding of the politics of one of the world's most volatile and violent regions."--Avi Shlaim, The Observer

"Dawisha has written a fine analysis of the heyday and decline of the ideology of Arab nationalism. . . . With a sound theoretical apparatus and making good use of memoirs by those involved, Dawisha provides an excellent guide to the origins of the movement and the reality behind the rhetoric."--Choice


"Adeed Dawisha's analysis of the rise and fall of Arab nationalism in the twentieth century exhibits clarity of exposition, thoroughness, and objectivity. The narrative is exceptional. Dawisha complements his own splendid credentials with excellent use of a large volume of memoir material from Arab leaders. There is no book that does as good a job."--William Quandt, University of Virginia

"Why does the world need this eminently readable book? Because academe is awash with speculation about the emergence of a 'new Arabism.' Dawisha's point is that anyone who lived through Arabism's heyday knows how disastrous it was, and that the new Arabist nostalgia ignores history. His treatment of the ill-fated United Arab Republic is a masterful account; the story of the decline is told with verve, in fluid and engaging prose."--Martin Kramer, Tel Aviv University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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