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Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell
A. Zee

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"Quantum field theory is an extraordinarily beautiful subject, but it can be an intimidating one. The profound and deeply physical concepts it embodies can get lost, to the beginner, amidst its technicalities. In this book, Zee imparts the wisdom of an experienced and remarkably creative practitioner in a user-friendly style. I wish something like it had been available when I was a student."--Frank Wilczek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Finally! Zee has written a ground-breaking quantum field theory text based on the course I made him teach when I chaired the Princeton physics department. With utmost clarity he gives the eager student a light-hearted and easy-going introduction to the multifaceted wonders of quantum field theory. I wish I had this book when I taught the subject."--Marvin L. Goldberger, President, Emeritus, California Institute of Technology

"This book is filled with charming explanations that students will find beneficial."--Ed Witten, Institute for Advanced Study

"Tony Zee explains quantum field theory with a clear and engaging style. For budding or seasoned condensed matter physicists alike, he shows us that field theory is a nourishing nut to be cracked and savored."--Matthew P.A. Fisher, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

"This book is perhaps the most user-friendly introductory text to the essentials of quantum field theory and its many modern applications. With his physically intuitive approach, Professor Zee makes a serious topic more reachable for beginners, reducing the conceptual barrier while preserving enough mathematical details necessary for a firm grasp of the subject."--Bei Lok Hu, University of Maryland

"Like the famous Feynman Lectures on Physics, this book has the flavor of a good blackboard lecture. Zee presents technical details, but only insofar as they serve the larger purpose of giving insight into quantum field theory and bringing out its beauty."--Stephen M. Barr, University of Delaware

"This is a fantastic book--exciting, amusing, unique, and very valuable."--Clifford V. Johnson, University of Durham

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File created: 4/17/2014

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