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Chasing the Wind:
Regulating Air Pollution in the Common Law State
Noga Morag-Levine

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"In her scholarly and fascinating book, Morag-Levine mounts a strong challenge against the orthodox view that [the Clean Air Act 1970] marked a great advance in the history of pollution abatement and asserts that the Act has failed to fulfill these initial promises. . . . The great strength of this book is its reliance upon historical and political sources in addition to legal ones; this provides insights and nuggets of historical detail which could not be gained through a strictly legal analysis of the materials. . . . [T]here can be no clearer exposition of the manner in which domestic legal traditions combined with social, economic, political and historic factors serve to mould regulatory responses to pollution."--Mark Wilde, Journal of Environmental Law

"[Noga Morag-Levine] presents one of the first book-length studies of legislative failure that ascribes such a failure to conceptual, rather than political, causes. . . . Chasing the Wind is an important study of the Clean Air Act, with a great deal of information about the origins of the Act, its performance, and alternative approaches that might lead to greater success."--Edward Rubin, Law and Social Inquiry

"This work is highly recommended for all interested in the vital problems associated with air pollution, both in the USA and globally; it is reader friendly and is suitable reading material for both students and officials in government and industry."--Mervyn Richardson, International Journal of Environmental Studies


"No other book so thoroughly weaves together themes in common-law nuisance, federal pollution legislation, local pollution control, and even constitutional law. Morag-Levine manages to tell a story about how all of these various strands fit together that is at once persuasive and interesting, not to mention carefully documented and painstakingly argued. I learned a great deal reading this book, and I will think differently about the field of air pollution control as a consequence."--Lisa Heinzerling, Georgetown University

"An exceptionally thoughtful study of air pollution regulation, Chasing the Wind provides a magisterial account of the tensions embedded within American environmental law and their historical roots. Noga Morag Levine shows us that the present state of environmental regulation is much more a creature of the distant, common law past than has generally been acknowledged. This is both a surprising and important argument."--Cary Coglianese, Harvard University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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