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The Future of Money
Benjamin J. Cohen

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"Cohen knows both economics and political science intimately and fuses them skillfully. "The Future of Money" is both a definitive analytical survey of the money question today and a judicious synthesis of the increasingly complex challenges facing policymakers in a globalizing world. Whether dealing with the fashion for dollarization, real world examples of how governments-from the leading currency countries to the most powerless-have tried to cope, or the growing impact of private market actors, electronic currencies, and the like, Cohen demonstrates a mastery of both empirical detail and theoretical analysis. And the book is full of common sense, too."--Philip Cerny, University of Manchester

"Benjamin J. Cohen's third major work on the political economy of international monetary affairs addresses another major issue confronting the international community: how to stabilize and govern an international monetary system composed of several competing national currencies. Professor Cohen presents and analyzes a number of mechanisms available to the international community to prevent monetary collapse and anarchy. However, as he emphasizes, the choice of a stabilizing mechanism rests on the political as well as economic interests of the major economic powers. Cohen's knowledge, insights, and wisdom will be of immense value to the creators of a more stable and efficient international monetary system. This book should also be of interest to scholars, government officials, and others interested in the future of international monetary affairs."--Robert Gilpin, Princeton University

"This book is an outstanding addition to the literature. It uses a neat analytical framework to synthesize and analyze a vast, disparate body of research, including work in both economics and political science, and raises important questions about the evolution of money and monetary arrangements."--Peter B. Kenen, Princeton University, author of The International Financial Architecture

"Benjamin Cohen has written an important book about a compelling question of modern political economics: how many currencies will there be, and what arrangement will govern them? Unusually well written, this is a book I will assign to my students."--Dennis Quinn, Georgetown University

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File created: 2/4/2015

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