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Soft News Goes to War:
Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy in the New Media Age
Matthew A. Baum

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"Baum sets us off on some productive paths for more research in the area. The book is well written, cautious, and generally impressive. I recommend it highly for all students of contemporary political communication and public opinion."--Susan Herbst, Political Communication


"This important book fills a void by focusing on political content in soft news, which most political communication scholars tend to ignore. Its empirically based findings combine content analyses and audience research, and it contributes to knowledge about the major changes in the media and politics."--Doris Graber, University of Illinois, Chicago, author of Processing Politics

"Baum's argument that the least politically engaged members of the public are increasingly informed about foreign policy crises represents an original and interesting contribution to a topic that is of policy as well as academic interest. Soft News Goes to War looks at the role of the 'soft media' while existing texts do not, deals with a section of the public that is usually overlooked, presents useful and illuminating hypotheses that build upon and engage with existing theories, and challenges the conventional wisdom of an unchanging relationship between the media and the public."--Rhiannon Vickers, University of Sheffield, author of Manipulating Hegemony

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File created: 4/17/2014

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