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Genes, Trade, and Regulation:
The Seeds of Conflict in Food Biotechnology
Thomas Bernauer

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"Despite working from the same body of scientific assessments, governments in Europe and North America have arrived at polar opposite conclusions about the safety of genetically engineered foods--national differences that have magnified into a global food fight. Where other studies of this problem wear blinders as they attempt to brand novel foods 'good' or 'bad,' this refreshingly clinical analysis instead trains the analytical tools of political science on the root causes of regulatory polarization. Not only does Bernauer reveal why Europe and America have arrived on opposite sides of the controversy--and why the gap is likely to yawn further--he also offers a market-based strategy for accommodating regulatory diversity in this era of globalization."--David G. Victor, author of Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol

"Policymakers, scholars, and every citizen concerned about the future of the environment, hunger, human health, and the world food supply should read this book."--Ronald Mitchell, University of Oregon

"This book provides a clear and well-developed argument that the successful development of the agricultural biotechnology sector depends on numerous decisions that have yet to be taken and would require the alignment of research and innovation strategies far more closely to consumer and regulatory requirements than has hitherto been the case."--Erik Millstone, Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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