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Saving America?
Faith-Based Services and the Future of Civil Society
Robert Wuthnow

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"The overarching message of Saving America? is that . . . our civil society is bound together by the glue of love and compassion. . . . Wuthnow takes us through the intricacies of the body politic and sketches, as well, the outlines of the human heart. To this reader the latter is the far more interesting portrait offered in these pages. Who among us give of themselves, how much, to what, and to what end?"--Paul Wilkes, America

"Wuthnow's book looks not only at how much faith communities are doing to serve the poor but also at how well they are doing it. Saving America? makes a great contribution to the field's literature. . . . Though the book provides an enormous volume of information regarding the formal social service programs of congregations and faith-based nonprofits, Wuthnow concludes that the most important work that religious believers can do to serve the poor is to build caring communities that enfold people in lasting, supportive relationships."--Amy L. Sherman, First Things

"Saving America? is an important text that places the rhetoric and politics of 'compassionate conservatism' in its broader context."--Edward Ashbee, Journal of American Studies

"Robert Wuthnow . . . is one of the top sociologists of religion in the world. Saving America is a must read for anyone concerned about religion, politics, and America's future."--Jack T. Hanford, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies


"The great strength of Saving America? is its comprehensive vision. Beautifully written, it offers findings derived from solid research, and that in itself is an achievement in an area where political ideology abounds. But Wuthnow goes further. He offers wisdom."--John Orr, Professor Emeritus of Religion, University of Southern California

"This well-written, fair-minded, empirically well-grounded book is set to become the authoritative, standard reference for some time to come for discussions and debates around the question of faith-based social services provision and related policy concerns."--Christian Smith, author of Moral, Believing Animals: Human Personhood and Culture

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File created: 4/21/2017

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