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The New Division of Labor:
How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market
Frank Levy & Richard J. Murnane

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"Frank Levy and Richard J. Murnane have written a very readable introduction to some key issues facing US workers in an increasingly informational economy. . . . [R]eaders exploring these ideas for the first time will find this an engaging and provocative introduction to an important set of political-economic processes that continue to bring information technology and human labor together, for better or for worse."--Greg Downey, International Review of Social History


"A timely contribution. The New Division of Labor adds an important level of understanding to the changes we are witnessing in our labor markets. There is a message regarding the skills that are required by our economy and implications for educational reform and a message as to the political tensions that accompany this transition. The phenomenon described is of global relevance."---John Reed, Interim Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange

"Levy and Murnane go beyond conventional accounts of the effect of automation on the workforce to take a comprehensive and thoughtful look at how increased use of technology is affecting the occupational distribution in the U.S., and precisely what skills are likely to be valued in tomorrow's labor markets. This should be read by all who care about the future of work in America."--Lawrence H. Summers, President, Harvard University

"A fascinating, important book. Levy and Murnane tackle one of the most important questions in contemporary economics, how computers change the way work is organized and how labor markets reward skill. The answer they offer is simple and powerful."--James B. Rebitzer, Case Western Reserve University

"This book, through a wealth of examples, gives the reader a concrete sense of how computers have changed the nature of the workplace."--John Bound, University of Michigan

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File created: 4/21/2017

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