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The Birdwatcher's Companion to North American Birdlife
Christopher W. Leahy
Illustrations by Gordon Morrison

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"Like any good reference work, The Birdwatcher's Companion to North American Birdlife is thorough and authoritative, its thousands of entries running the gamut from physiology and taxonomy to conservation and birder culture. But unlike most references, it is actually a delight to read; throughout, the writing is lively and engaging. Keep a copy on your desk by day, and curl up to another at bedtime."--Ted Floyd, Editor, Birding

"One of the best books ever written on birds and birding. This reference work is not only comprehensive and accurate, but also vastly entertaining. A virtuoso performance."--Dr. Gerard A. Bertrand, BirdLife International

"This is a wonderful book that I highly recommend. . . . I've had the original, encyclopedic book for years and couldn't do without it."--Jim Williams, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Leahy's style is by turns serious and scholarly or personal and whimsical, appropriate to a comprehensive reference for both novice and expert birders. There is no recent comparable work."--Choice

"This A-Z reference guide provides a wealth of information, from the basics to little-known trivia. Authors are rare who can incorporate both technical and non-technical terminology into an encyclopedia that is readable--much less pleasurable to read--but Leahy has been successful on both accounts."--Kris Jones, Ibis

"This is a very useful reference book."--British Trust for Ornithology

"One can randomly open this handy guide to all things birdy and glean myriad tidbits of useful or interesting information, and sometimes both...The writing is clear and direct, and not without humor...This welcome second edition...has something to offer beginners and seasoned birders alike, and is well worth the reasonable price."--Christine Adkins, Discovery

"[The Birdwatcher's Companion to North American Birdlife] would certainly warrant a place in any birder's library. With the text being as readable as it is most birders, and even non-birding friends and spouses, may even find themselves reading through it just for the enjoyment of discovering more interesting facts about the birds around them."--R. A. Buhler, British Columbia Birds

"The Birdwatcher's Companion to North American Birdlife is an impressive and authoritative compilation of information on one of the most-studied groups of organisms in North America. Birders and bird enthusiasts will enjoy browsing through this book for its myriad of facts and entertaining essays. Leahy's light-hearted writing style, humorous anecdotes, and personal experiences add zest to many topics. Weighing just over 3.5 pounds, this beefy reference book is well worth the cost for any birder and will become a valuable resource for any biologist, ecologist, or manager who responds to questions from the ever-inquisitive public. In short, this book will appeal to those who love birds."--Lawrence D. Igi, Prairie Naturalist


"Leahy describes everything ornithological, from the simple to the complex, with both accuracy and wit. Find answers to your questions or just simply read--either way, the book is a joy!"--Rick Bonney, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

"If Roger Tory Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds was birdwatching's Rosetta Stone, this book is birding's Magna Carta."--Pete Dunne, New Jersey Audubon Society and Cape May Bird Observatory

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File created: 4/21/2017

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