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Butterflies of the East Coast:
An Observer's Guide
Rick Cech & Guy Tudor

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"We're most fortunate this year. A number of fine natural history books have been issued just in time for summer reading. . . . Easily the most spectacular new book is Butterflies of the East Coast: An Observer's Guide by Rick Cech and Guy Tudor. This will surely become the standard text on butterflies."--Gerry Rising, Buffalo News

"This is sure to become a widely used book, suitable for a broad audience of naturalists, ecologists, and butterfly observers."--Northeastern Naturalist

"Whether you're a Lepidoptera enthusiast or just a nature lover, there is a super new observer's guide on the market, Butterflies of the East Coast.... Take it from me, you can't miss with this book."--Glenn Ayers, Burlington Times News

"A lovely coffee-table sized book with photos and definitive, up-to-date information about east coast butterflies, including range maps and photos of the host plants that nourish their caterpillars."--Annie Reid, Westborough News


"This is the most authoritative, informative, and exciting book about the identification, ecology and behavior of butterflies available. It provides a novel and eye-opening view of butterflies, expanding the horizons of how we view them. Armed with this book, we can all attract butterflies to our gardens, parks, and natural habitats, and follow all stages of their development from the caterpillar to the adult."--Joanna Burger, Rutgers University

"Butterflies of the East Coast is an exciting book, combining a very user-friendly guide for naturalists with enough information on each species to be useful to ecologists and other scientists. Designed to reach a large part of the U.S. population and of high professional quality, it elevates butterflies to the rank of birds as accessible, indeed compelling subjects of natural history."--Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University

"Butterflies of the East Coast honors the strong tradition of Eastern Seaboard butterfly books, from Scudder to Klots to Opler and Krizek to Glassberg. By treating the entire butterfly fauna of the Atlantic edge and its associated uplands, from Mt. Katahdin to Everglades hammocks, Cech and Tudor show how arctic and tropical influences combine to make the great zoological stew of the Appalachians. Along with excellent accounts and images of all the species, this fine book presents--in graceful language at a widely readable level-- the fullest discussion I know of how butterflies really live and how they respond to the countryside."--Robert M. Pyle, author of the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies and founder of the Xerces Society TI: Cech, Butterflies of the East Coast

"Butterflies have become the major scientific model system for terrestrial invertebrates, and one of the reasons is the huge amount of work that has been done on their biology by amateurs. Butterflies of the East Coast is exactly the sort of book that will encourage amateurs not just to collect or photograph butterflies, but also to learn about their ecology and behavior. One of the book's outstanding attributes is the care with which it ties butterflies to the plants their caterpillars eat, even providing pictures of the hostplants. Every naturalist in the eastern United States will want a copy of this book--and many professional biologists will also find it very useful."--Paul R. Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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