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Victor Regnault and the Advance of Photography:
The Art of Avoiding Errors
Laurie Dahlberg

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"The most complete account of Regnault to date, this book will add tremendously to our knowledge about an important figure in early photography. But even more important is the expanded view Dahlberg creates of the invention in its historical time. The writing is excellent; you really feel a personality guiding you through the material with enthusiasm. Readers concerned with art history, cultural studies, and the history of industrialization in nineteenth-century France will find much to interest them here."--Nancy Keeler, independent scholar

"Dahlberg has produced an engaging and clearly argued biography that centers on the uniqueness of the individual--all the while demonstrating the reactions of this individual to a tumultuous and complex era. Through Regnault, the reader sees that many photographers were either wealthy or prominent professionals, and may observe how political tumult from the 1840s to the 1870s combined with the unstoppable advance of technology affected the actions and worldviews of people in positions of influence, from the royals to the middle-classes."--Mary Warner Marien, Syracuse University, author of Photography: A Cultural History

"The period chosen by Laurie Dahlberg for her novel and appealing look at Victor Regnault is now widely understood to have been one of the most vibrant and formative in the history of French photography, creating some of the most celebrated masterworks. Her choice of Regnault is equally fortuitous, as his name resonates across the years as a pivotal and influential figure, well regarded by his scientific and photographic colleagues alike."--Roger Taylor, coauthor of Lewis Carroll: Photographer

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File created: 4/17/2014

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