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Race in Another America:
The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil
Edward E. Telles

Book Description
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"Edward Telles's Race in Another America is an impressive comparative analysis on the maintenance of racial boundaries and forms of racial discrimination that focuses mainly on Brazil and the United States."--Kwame Dixon, Latin American Research Review

"Edward Telles has written a book distinguished by careful research and attention to the existing literature in Brazilian race relations and society, supplemented by astute personal observations and reflectivity."--Anani Dzidzienyo, The Americas


"This is the first systematic scholarly treatment of the subject in any language by a fully trained sociologist. It is a highly valuable guide to the existing literature, and Telles' discussion by region of Brazil is the most revealing I have read. Because he worked in Rio de Janeiro as a staff advisor for the Ford Foundation, Telles was able to tap all the best sources--both primary and secondary. His skillful synthesis makes this a book that will appeal to readers in many fields."--Thomas E. Skidmore, Brown University

"With its unique combination of sophisticated demographic analysis, ethnographic research and cross-national comparisons, this book will have a significant impact on the now burgeoning literature on Brazilian race relations and, more generally, comparative race relations Professor Telles' multi-method approach will become a standard reference for comprehending Brazil's multi-hued population in comparative perspective."--Michael Hanchard, Northwestern University

"Telles has produced what will long be regarded as the definitive treatment of race relations in Brazil. Mobilizing tools from historical demography, stratification, social movement, and policy analysis, he provides a water-tight refutation of the myth of racial democracy while analyzing the extend and causes of racial discrimination. He skillfully parcels out social boundaries as manifested in intermarriage and residential segregation, while acknowledging the distinctive impact of sociability on race relations. With the United States in the background, Telles makes a terrific contribution to the growing field of comparative racism."--Michele Lamont, Harvard University

"Edward Telles has written an important and inspired book, one that will force those who think they know Brazil and who think they know America to examine their preconceptions anew. With Race in Another America, Telles has not only broken substantial new scholarly ground, he has created work that will be essential reading for anyone trying to understand the often complex and Byzantine workings of race in society. Race in Another America is a masterfully conducted journey through Brazil, and a prescient look at where America, in some respects, is likely headed. It will be of interest not only to scholars, but to anyone who cares about the future of race in the world today."--Ellis Cose, author of Bone to Pick, Rage of the Privileged Class, Color-Blind, and The Envy of the World

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File created: 4/21/2017

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