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Liberal Languages:
Ideological Imaginations and Twentieth-Century Progressive Thought
Michael Freeden

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"This is a rich and rewarding collection of essays. Some of the pieces are now well known, but others are not; and much is gained by their consolidation. . . . [A]n excellent introduction to the work of a distinguished historian of twentieth-century ideas."--James Thompson, Twentieth Century British History

"Michael Freeden has established a substantial reputation as the principal interpreter of the New Liberal political thinking of the early 20th century, while making a major contribution to the broader understanding and analysis of political ideologies, and their relation to more abstract political theorizing. The current collection of previously published articles and chapters is divided more or less evenly between these two concerns. One of the strengths of Freeden's work is his treatment of political thinking as having an historical, as against a logical, coherence."--Rodney Barker, Contemporary Political Theory

"In many ways this is an ideal collection. . . . [A] major redevelopment [of political theory] exists largely because of the exemplary work of Michael Freeden."--Richard Dagger, History of Political Thought


"Michael Freeden has made a significant contribution to the field, his scholarship is exemplary and he writes well. The chapters here are among the best he has ever written."--Mark Bevir, University of California, Berkeley

"Freeden's book offers a fresh, critical take on standard political philosophy and commentary."--Ross Harrison, Cambridge University

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File created: 7/7/2015

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