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Nature's Strongholds:
The World's Great Wildlife Reserves
Laura & William Riley

Book Description


"This exhaustive guide is a veritable encyclopedia. . . . Covering 600 of the world's best reserves, the book summarizes the history and ecology of each and includes the best time to visit, types of animals, nearby lodging and transportation and temperature and rainfall charts. . . . [T]he brilliant photography will have you packing your bags."--San Francisco Chronicle

"The Rileys' book has the potential to close . . . gaps in protection. It will inspire more people to visit reserves. . . . From aardwolf to zubr (European bison), this volume fills an information gap for scientists, environmental organizations, and anyone interested in the best wild places."--Karlene Schwartz,Bioscience


A splendid book. Nature's Strongholds is one of the best travel books ever written, filled with exciting information and certain to boost global ecotourism and conservation."--Edward O. Wilson, biologist, educator, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author

"Nature's Strongholds is a well-designed, comprehensive compilation of critical information for all eco-inclined travelers, field researchers, and wildlife safari-goers--an exceptionally interesting and useful book."--Peter Matthiessen, author and naturalist

"The Rileys' new book captures the essence of spectacular wildlife reserves around the world. I immediately pulled out my calendar to plan returns to much-loved parks and explorations of others I've yet to see. Each visitor to these places will not only take away life-long memories, but will also contribute economically to their long-term survival. I know of no other book like this."--Kathryn Fuller, President, World Wildlife Fund-U.S.

"The Rileys have reminded us of precious landscapes that endure despite the intrusions of modern life, and of the importance of natural beauty in our lives. It is as close as one can get to a life list of places to be . . . at least once."--Steve Sanderson, President, Wildlife Conservation Society

"From Botswana to the Camargue, from Denali to Komodo Island, this book covers more than 600 reserves in over 80 countries. . . . Most of the world's charismatic and endangered species--many depicted here in gorgeous color photographs--owe their continued existence to such reserves, the last places on earth where nature remains more or less intact. The volume itself is a terrific resource."--Scientific American

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File created: 4/21/2017

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