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Worlds Apart:
Measuring International and Global Inequality
Branko Milanovic

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"Don't be fooled by globalization's noisy naysayers or proponents, who invoke the rise or decline of 'global inequality' to make their case. Here, in the first comprehensive look at inequality across the world's individuals as well as the world's nations, are laid out the many definitions of global inequality, and comprehensive, evidence-based analysis about the course of global inequality, variously defined, before and during our globalization era."--Nancy Birdsall, founding President of the Center for Global Development

"Branko Milanovic's painstaking work takes us closest to a global understanding of income disparities at the present time. Among many other things, his work underscores that while national level income disparities are often obscene, international differences account for much more of the even more obscene level of global income inequality."--Jomo K. S., Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development, United Nations

"A fascinating read. This book is a helpful primer to help you find your way around the complex debates surrounding global inequality. It is also a forceful demonstration that the world economy remains much too unequal."--Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

"An important book by a master of the relevant data. Milanovic provides hard answers to tough questions."--Samuel Bowles, Santa Fe Institute, author of Microeconomics: Behavior, Institutions, and Evolution

"This is a very good book on a timely and much debated topic. Unlike many economists who write about global poverty and inequality, its author is genuinely open and fair-minded, exploring alternative ways of selecting and processing the available data so as to get robust results that make sense. Milanovic writes about economics in a way that is clear and engaging and fully accessible to nonspecialists, which is very rare indeed. This book has what it takes to be widely used in classrooms and among journalists, politicians, and diplomats."--Thomas Pogge, Columbia University and CAPPE, ANU

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File created: 4/21/2017

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