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The Jewess Pallas Athena:
This Too a Theory of Modernity
Barbara Hahn

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"A remarkable scholarly and literary achievement, and a major work of cultural history. This is a deeply moving and sad book that reconstructs the cultural and literary history of German-Jewish women writers, poets, and philosophers from the mid-eighteenth to the late twentieth centuries. One often has the sense that one is reading scholarship produced by a distinctly literary imagination, indeed that Hahn's book could almost be part of the history it is telling."--Eric L. Santner, University of Chicago, author of On the Psychotheology of Everyday Life: Reflections on Freud and Rosenzweig

"This important book is a highly intelligent and subtle analysis of the role of female intellectuals, largely Jewish, in shaping German cultural sensibilities in recent centuries. Hahn's moral concern--passion--is palpable on every page of her erudite volume. Her work is also a testimony of an earnest attempt, utterly free of sentimentalism, to claim a legacy that unfettered nationalism and bigotry sought to eradicate. Intellectually and spiritually compelling, and marked by graceful and eminently lucid prose, it should meet with enthusiastic interest not only among scholars but also among interested general readers."--Paul Mendes-Flohr, University of Chicago, and Director, The Franz Rosenzweig Research Center for German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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File created: 4/17/2014

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