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Purposive Interpretation in Law
Aharon Barak
Translated from the Hebrew by Sari Bashi

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"This book offers a comprehensive--indeed magisterial--account of and argument for a more or less unified approach to the interpretation of legal items--rules, regulations, statutes, contracts, wills, trusts, and constitutions. Its thesis is novel and will generate both thought and controversy. That a judge of Aharon Barak's prominence has produced a work of such scholarly depth, jurisprudential insight, and care in research and documentation is itself a major accomplishment."--Frederick Schauer, Frank Stanton Professor of the First Amendment, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, author of Playing by the Rules and Profiles, Probabilities, and Stereotypes

"This book provides the carefully worked out and sifted results of concentrated thought by a leading judicial scholar and intellect on a topic of first importance to law. Justice Barak puts his approach, called 'purposive interpretation,' on display in elaborate detail that makes his presentation a formidable one. He is a deeply experienced, eminent judge with a deserved reputation for high intelligence, scholarship, wisdom, and reflectiveness about the work of judging--qualities plainly in evidence here."--Frank I. Michelman, Robert Walmsley University Professor of Law, Harvard University, author of Brennan and Democracy

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File created: 4/21/2017

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