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Life in Ancient Ice
Edited by John D. Castello & Scott O. Rogers

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"Castello and Rogers have brought together many of the world's experts on life in icy environments and have produced a most comprehensive and timely compilation of information on this exploding area of research. This book is a useful guide for experts looking for more information on specific environments or protocols and for those whose interest is more casual. It will be a well-thumbed addition to my bookshelf."--Brian Lanoil, University of California, Riverside

"From the icy worlds of Lake Vostok, Antarctica, to the ancient permafrost soils of Siberia, this volume defines and explores the new science of subsurface ice microbiology. The contributing authors describe the diversity and microbiota of ancient ice environments on modern-day Earth, the multiple challenges of deep-ice exploration, and the broader significance of these systems as genetic storehouses and models of preservation and survival under extreme cold. This book captures the excitement of a new frontier in microbial ecology."--Warwick F. Vincent, Laval University, Canada

"The thought of surviving, even prospering, deep within ice and permafrost sent a shiver down my spine. However, for selected microorganisms this is a strategy for long-term survival in one of Earth's most extreme habitats. This authoritative collection of 'cold facts'--the first of its kind--provides a comprehensive account of the occurrence, physiological adaptations, and ecological implications of microbes that are frozen in contemporary time. The implications of this research are broad, reaching from sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica to possible life on Mars, Europa, and beyond. I endorse the editors' conclusion, 'It is a fascinating story.'"--David M. Karl, University of Hawaii

"This book represents the first time experts in the field--including some founders of the field, such as those from Russia--have come together in a single volume to discuss the topic of life in ancient ice."--Lloyd Burckle, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

"This book does a good job of making a case for long-term survival of microorganisms and possible low-temperature metabolism in ice-bound cells. The papers represent a strong collection that illustrates the breadth of work that has been undertaken in this fascinating field in recent years by some of the top researchers in the field. The editors' opening and closing chapters draw together the threads of the contributions and point a way forward in cryosphere research."--Ian Hawes, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

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File created: 4/17/2014

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