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The Body Economic:
Life, Death, and Sensation in Political Economy and the Victorian Novel
Catherine Gallagher

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"With admirable economy and a clear sense of purpose, The Body Economic explores and collapses the gulf popularly held to exist between the values and mindsets of post-Enlightenment political economists, represented here by Bentham and Malthus, and those of nineteenth-century imaginative novelists, here represented in the mid-Victorian phase by Dickens, and in the late, by George Eliot. . . . [An] original and considerable accomplishment."--Dickens Quarterly

"In her commanding and authoritative new study Catherine Gallagher['s] . . . The Body Economic will doubtless become required reading for anyone seeking to understand the complex lines of affiliation and resistance between economic theory and the literary text in the mid-Victorian period."--Roger Ebbatson, Modern Language Review

"[This] is an innovative and provocative book, brimming with fresh insights. . . . Gallagher's use of political economy to explain the most puzzling features of Dickens's novel is inspirational, and it will likely become a model for future studies."--Silvana Colella, Nineteenth Century Studies


"A marvelous book. No other literary critic writes with such an assured and lucid grasp of both the novel and the history of economic theory."--James Eli Adams, Cornell University

"This is a stunning and extremely important book whose scholarship is deep and sound from start to finish. Gallagher offers a fundamentally original and revisionary understanding of Victorian culture and of modernist literature as well."--George Levine, Rutgers University

"Well-researched, clearly argued, and both original and provocative."--Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University

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File created: 2/4/2015

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