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Producing Security:
Multinational Corporations, Globalization, and the Changing Calculus of Conflict
Stephen G. Brooks

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"Overall, this is a sensible and thoughtful contribution to the international relations literature. Brooks is to be congratulated for being willing to engage with the realities of the contemporary global economy, and to put forth bold theories about their security implications."--Geoffrey Jones, International History Review


"This is not only one of the three best books in international political economy in the last ten years, it is one of the most important recent books in the entire field of international relations. Brooks integrates security studies and international political economy with skill and wisdom. Focusing sharply on the globalization of production, the author explores its implications for national security, international politics, and international economic relations. In addition, he links the discussion to various theories of international relations."--David Baldwin, Princeton University

"Stephen Brooks has quickly emerged as an original and persuasive voice among international security experts. One reason for this rapid ascent is his sophisticated understanding of international economics and its effects on global politics. This remarkable book breaks outside the confines of the longstanding does-trade-promote-peace? debate to explore the impact of the rise of multinational firms on security affairs--arguably the most important facet of contemporary globalization. Brooks comes to powerful and provocative conclusions about the end of the cold war, great power stability, and security relations among developing countries. Scholars and policymakers alike will be influenced by Brooks' approach and will have to contend with his arguments for years to come."--Geoffrey Garrett, University of California, Berkeley

"Brooks has produced a significant and well-crafted book that addresses an age-old debate in international relations and succeeds in saying something new."--G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University

"A path-breaking work on the globalization of production and international conflict. While other writers have been content to manipulate the black boxes of trade and conflict or international production and conflict, Brooks has opened up the boxes and looked inside."--Richard Rosecrance, University of California, Los Angeles

"Producing Security will transform how we understand the age-old question of the impact of international commerce on international security and war. Brooks argues persuasively that the globalization of production is the key feature of the current international economy and, therefore, the traditional focus on international trade is outdated. Brooks then develops a comprehensive theory of how the globalization of production could influence security, exploring whether states can still maintain autarkic security policies and whether the economic benefits of expansion have been reduced. His conclusions, supported by thorough empirical analysis, are optimistic--the globalization of production is a force for stability among the great powers."--Charles Glaser, University of Chicago

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File created: 4/21/2017

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