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The Theory of Corporate Finance
Jean Tirole

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"With this book, Tirole has provided a comprehensive treatment of modern corporate finance theory in one place with one integrated framework. As a bonus, he also describes many of the important empirical results in corporate finance and how they relate to the theories. The book will be a valuable asset to students (and professors) of corporate finance."--Steve Kaplan, Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

"This is a remarkable book. Theoretical work in corporate finance over the past thirty or so years has yielded a bewildering array of individual models, yet Tirole manages to give a beautifully clear and unified treatment of the field. There is a real coherence both within and across the chapters, and one is in many places able to see the close connection between topics that are ordinarily treated as being distinct. The book will no doubt be the standard reference for researchers and students in corporate finance for many years to come."--Jeremy C. Stein, Harvard University

"Jean Tirole, one of the preeminent economists of his generation, has put together the first integrated treatise of modern corporate finance theory. He succeeds in unifying the dispersed theories on financial and ownership structure, building on his excellence in information economics and contract theory. The book should be required reading for any Ph.D. course in corporate finance."--Arnoud W. A. Boot, University of Amsterdam and Centre for Economic Policy Research

"The Theory of Corporate Finance is a towering achievement. Jean Tirole's vision is exhaustive, systematic and original. The major findings of the last two decades are recast in a unified framework, describing the multiple levels of contracting relationships created by firms' financial decisions. The book offers a significant number of new insights and it will have a profound impact on our understanding of corporate finance."--Antoine Faure-Grimaud, Professor of Finance, London School of Economics

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File created: 4/21/2017

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