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Life in the Undergrowth
David Attenborough

Book Description


"David Attenborough is one of those beloved Brits equally at home on the small screen or on the page, and Life in the Undergrowth is a companion volume to a television series of the same name. On the cover, a damselfly with the biggest, bluest eyes you ever saw peers out, inviting the reader in for one of Attenborough's trademark forays into the lives--social, sexual and gustatory, if not psychological--of creatures that comprise some 80 percent, says Stephen Marshall [author of Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity] of all identified animal species, with doubtless many more to come."--Martin Levin, Globe and Mail

"[A] beautifully produced study of fossil invertebrates."--John Wilson, First Things


"In Life in the Undergrowth, Sir David Attenborough again makes the difficult seem effortless--he delivers with characteristic grace and informality intimate details of the lives of creatures that often pass without notice, and yet on whom the functioning of this biological planet rests. I believe this to be the very best in his series--the sense of breathless wonder in his subject is palpable--and it joins the classic collections of nature essays by E. O. Wilson, Thomas Eisner, and Rachel Carson."--Brian D. Farrell, Professor of Biology and Curator in Entomology, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University.

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File created: 4/21/2017

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