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Economic Justice in an Unfair World:
Toward a Level Playing Field
Ethan B. Kapstein

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"A clear, accessible, and first-rate contribution to the debates surrounding fairness in the global economy and ethics in international affairs."--Michael Barnett, University of Minnesota

"The globalizing economy is offering exciting opportunities to some, but that is little comfort to the millions who are sinking ever deeper into poverty. What should the wealthy world do? Ethan Kapstein offers an answer that combines a powerful critique of ideas about international justice and a hard-headed alternative solution."--Ngaire Woods, Oxford University

"For many years the development community has been making the humanitarian case for increases in foreign aid and for public policies that target global poverty reduction. Now in this important book, Ethan Kapstein demonstrates that these measures are also in the self-interest of the world's most powerful nations. In charting a politically feasible course toward a fairer world economy, Kapstein demonstrates that a better future is within our grasp. This is must reading for all those concerned with economic development and international economic relations."--Nancy Birdsall, President, Center for Global Development

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File created: 7/7/2015

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