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Selected Writings on Aesthetics
Johann Gottfried Herder
Edited and translated by Gregory Moore

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"Only a small fraction of Herder's writings has been translated into English, and such translations are often archaic and/or unreliable. I know of no previous translation of the Critical Forests, for example, although the first and fourth parts, which appear in the present volume, are of major interest to students of aesthetics. With Selected Writings on Aesthetics, these and other texts by Herder are now accessible to readers of English, through the pen of a translator who exhibits clarity and elegance of style."--Hugh Barr Nisbet, University of Cambridge

"This much-needed book brings into English a philosopher severely underrepresented in this language, yet of paramount importance to any adequate understanding of the late eighteenth century in Germany and indeed of the rest of Europe."--Robert E. Norton, University of Notre Dame

"This collection provides translations of the most important aesthetic writings of Herder, a crucial, original thinker in the field of aesthetics, an important influence on later German philosophy, and a writer whose significance has also been acknowledged by such recent thinkers as Isaiah Berlin and Charles Taylor. Even advanced scholars sometimes find a translation useful for such a difficult writer, and some of the writings translated here, such as Critical Forests, are not very easily found even in German."--Michael Inwood, Trinity College, Oxford

"This is a timely translation because Herder's importance is more apparent than ever and his work is undergoing a significant revaluation."--Cyrus Hamlin, Yale University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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