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Google's PageRank and Beyond:
The Science of Search Engine Rankings
Amy N. Langville & Carl D. Meyer

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"This book is written for people who are curious about new science and technology as well as for those with more advanced background in matrix theory.... Much of the book can be easily followed by general readers, while understanding the remaining part requires only a good first course in linear algebra. It can be a reference book for people who want to know more about the ideas behind the currently popular search engines, and it provides an introductory text for beginning researchers in the area of information retrieval."--Jiu Ding, Mathemathical Reviews

"The book is very attractively and clearly written. The authors succeed to manage in an optimal way the presentation of both basic and more sophisticated concepts involved in the analysis of Google's PageRank, such that the book serves both audiences: the general and the technical scientific public."--Constantin Popa, Zentralblatt MATH

"The book under review is excellently written, with a fresh and engaging style. The reader will particularly enjoy the 'Asides' interspersed throughout the text. They contain all kind of entertaining stories, practical tips, and amusing quotes. . . . The book also contains some useful resources for computation."--Pablo Fernández, Mathematical Intelligencer

"Google's PageRank and Beyond describes the link analysis tool called PageRank, puts it in the context of web search engines and information retrieval, and describes competing methods for ranking webpages. It is an utterly engaging book."--Bill Satzer,


"Comprehensive and engagingly written. This book should become an important resource for many audiences: applied mathematicians, search industry professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about how search engines work."--Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University

"I don't think there are any competitive books in print with the same depth and breadth on the topic of search engine ranking. The content is well-organized and well-written."--Michael Berry, University of Tennessee

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File created: 4/21/2017

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