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Leonardo da Vinci:
Experience, Experiment, and Design
Martin Kemp

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"A renowned Leonardo authority, Kemp expands on his familiar theses about the artist's preference for experience over theory and his conviction that function determines form. Kemp's deciphering of Leonardo's infamous backward script leads to fascinating conclusions."--Victor Swoboda, Montreal Gazette


"This book-by the leading Leonardo scholar of this generation, one whose own intellectual range comes closest to matching that of the Renaissance master himself-offers a genuinely new take on Leonardo da Vinci. Its text provides the great pleasure of simultaneously comprising close readings of the drawings themselves and a major, unified thesis regarding the artist's methods and modes of drawing and thinking."--David Rosand, Columbia University

"No one is in a better position to offer such a synthetic understanding of Leonardo's work than Martin Kemp. His enthusiasm for the artist's graphic inventions and his thinking process leaps off practically every page of this book."--Claire Farago, University of Colorado, Boulder

"In the massive and ever-growing library of Leonardo studies, Martin Kemp's meditations on the artist's habits of mind have long stood out. The present catalogue reflects decades of work on the themes and ideas that preoccupied Leonardo as a thinker and as a draftsman. Anyone interested in the historical relationship between art and science should enjoy this book."--Michael W. Cole, University of Pennsylvania

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File created: 4/17/2014

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